Sewer Integrity Testing

What does Sewer Integrity Testing look like?

1) Check out THIS VIDEO for a step by step look at what to expect when Sewer Integrity Testing comes to your neighborhood.

HOW does Sewer Integrity Testing work?

1) A blower is placed on a manhole.
2) A smoke candle is lit and placed in the blower.
3) Smoke seeps into lines and out of the ground through cracks (bad) indicating substandard lines and through roof vent pipes (good). Testing in each area will last for several hours.

WHAT to expect:

Smoke will NOT enter your home or business unless you have substandard plumbing or dried up drain traps. The contractor will issue notices 24 – 48 hours before testing to give you an opportunity to pour water in sink drains, tubs and toilets to fill the traps (especially in unused areas of a home such as a guest bath.) The contractor will also be marking and taking photographs in the work areas. Some sewer lines and manholes may be located on your property. Crews will need to access the manholes but will NOT need to enter your home.

WHEN will work begin?

Door hanger notices will be distributed to homes 24 - 48 hours in advance of work by the contractor. The fire department will also be notified of all areas where testing will be occurring.

WHY is the work needed?

Little Rock Wastewater has a Capital Improvement Project, called Project RENEW which is aggressively addressing the need to seal the sewer system to keep ground and rain water out. The information gained from testing will be used to improve the sewer services in your area.

IF smoke enters my home or business what should I do?

Call us first. This could be an indication of faulty plumbing or dry traps. If smoke can enter through faulty plumbing, the potential for sewer gases to enter also exists.

For more information on sewer integrity testing give us a call at (501)688-1490.


What Does It Look Like?

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